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Masters series titles don’t mean shhh…..

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Hmmmph….writing emails when full of brandy might be good enough for Steve Earle….

I AM going to have to start the blog we’ve been talking about because you must learn.

If Murray wins 50 more Masters series one-week, best of 3 sets, titles and Federer/Nadal never win another – it doesn’t matter.

When legacy is measured the only currency that means anything is Grand Slam titles.  Two weeks, best of 5 sets, big boy stuff.  And it doesn’t matter how ‘pumped’ someone’s mum gets on the sidelines.  Murray needs to make several serious, but not difficult, changes before he wins one.

Sidenote allowing me to get personal:  Many players have won a grand slam title (Kafelnikov, Stich, Johansson, Muster).  Murray has none.  Why?  1) his mum seems to be a bit too controlling for my liking and probably tells him to go to bed at 9pm, and 2) the main man of the past 8 years has 16.

Now i’ve finished the first lesson.  Think about it tonight.  Enjoy your brownies.


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