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Andy Murray: The one week specialist.

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Obviously I’m delighted for Andy, but does it not concern you that he seems to peak at all the wrong times?

He’ll have had his tea in ‘the winners bar’ up the top of the CN Tower, and no doubt will be ‘CMOOOOOON-ing’ his way to another title next week in Cincinnati.  I doubt he’ll play in New Haven the week before the US Open, as I’m sure he has chores to do around the house.

To win a grand slam it’s not enough to plan your schedule around the big tournaments (the one’s Andy normally breaks down in during the second week – those ones).

The top-dogs — Mr. One Dimensional and Nadal — go through the gears the first week and by the time the quarter-finals arrive they are ready to go into championship mode.

One day ask Andy Murray this:  ‘Andy, why do you do one-armed push-ups for the media after a second round win against  Jonathan Q. Nobody?  What are you proving?’

There are several fairly simple adjustments which could see Murray over the finish-line at a Major tournament, and I will point them out to you again before the US Open starts.

Get your Andy Murray pencil sharpened and prepare to takes notes on the kind of insight Sue Barker, John McEnroe and Boris Becker can not offer.


Written by The Murray Files

16/08/2010 at 7:40 am

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