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Murray should think pilates.

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Andy Murray entered his least favorite week (week two in case you’re unaware) of his preparations for the US Open, and it was very clear that his body was not in agreement with the Cincinnati sunshine yesterday.

Mardy (is that short for Mardin?) Fish looked across the net and instantly recognised that Andy was having one of those daydreams where he longs for home comforts – 14 degrees and overcast.

Murray had lost the match before the final point was won.  It was all over at 1-0 in the third set.  Murray’s discomfort in the heat and his negative body language let him down again.  Fish, erm, took the bait.

Personally I think losing his second match in Cincinnati was the best thing that could have happened to the world number four.  He can now rest before the US Open begins in nine days time.

However, it is worrying that Murray cannot seem to physically last in the heat.  He cannot expect for all of his matches in New York to be played in the evening.  Those prime time sessions are reserved for American’s and the top two players in the world – Nadal and Federer.

Perhaps Andy went overboard with his new health and fitness regime 18-months ago.  Of course, eating a bag of crisps before matches could only take him so far.  But now he may be too muscular and prone to breakdowns, as tennis is more about fitness and endurance.

Maybe he should look to Davina as a new member of his entourage?  She has produced a popular series of affordable exercise videos, which Murray can certainly benefit from.  They are aimed at toning and cardiovascular conditioning, which are areas Andy could use a boost should he find himself in the second week of the draw at the final grand slam tournament of the year.

Here’s a little taste of what could a plausible solution for the youngish Scot.

Davina introduces her new fitness DVD:

“Welcome to my new High Energy Five fitness DVD. If you have seen any of my previous DVDs you will know that I love working out and I’m not crazy.  You are going to love doing them…honestly!

High Energy Five is all about losing weight and burning fat. My personal trainers have devised five intensive sections, each of them around 20 minutes long. For maximum effect I would recommend that you do two sections back to back three times a week and you have the option to follow the easier (our ‘Indoor Masters Workouts’) or more advanced versions (the ‘Grand Slam Sunshine Sessions’) depending on your progress through the tournament.

Combined with a healthy, balanced eating plan (nae crisps son!), your body will reap the benefits from the workouts – mine certainly has. As ever, don’t push yourself too hard if it hurts – but do persevere as these dvd’s are the final ace in any grand slam performance.

Enjoy the DVD – Roger did!”


Written by The Murray Files

21/08/2010 at 7:21 am

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