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Andy Murray: Steady tweeting

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So, you love your tennis and you’ve watched Andy’s meteoric rise during the past two years from 5th to 4th in world.  You can tell a first serve from a second, and you know the difference between a “C’maawn!” and “c’MOOOOOOOOON”.  But what do you know about the real Andy?

As you’ll probably never get to meet Andy, luckily you can follow him on twitter.  He is one of many public figures who use the social networking service, and it allows him to tell us a bit about himself and what he’s up to.

What can you expect?  For starters (pardon the pun) you’ll get a healthy, erm, diet of what Andy eats from day-to-day.  Yesterday for breakfast he had a bagel, an omelette, yogurt and some fruit.  Sounds yummy.

He’ll also generally let you know what times he practices his tennis at, and also that he seems to take a keen interest in his fantasy football team.  Somebody recently missed a penalty and has probably been dropped by the time you read this.

Something worth knowing is that Andy does seem to give away a lot of prizes – signed merchandise etc.  So if you’ve always wanted one of those massive gimmick tennis balls with Andy’s signature, following him on twitter could be the first step to making the dream a reality.

There are over 200 million twitter users, and they send over 600 tweets per second.  Andy Murray tweets.


Written by The Murray Files

28/08/2010 at 9:14 am

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