The Murray Files

Discussing Andy Murray's quest for a grand slam title.

Murray can win a grand slam: Here’s how.

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1.  Do not use the drop-shot more than once each set. Andy is a drop-shot abuser.  It becomes very predictable, players have no problem getting to the ball, and Murray gives away too many free points with the maddening use of the drop-shot.  The modern game is about power, and a confident player wins by overwhelming the opponent.  Andy has the power. He needs to stay confident and use it, or he’ll be heading to Melbourne in search of his first grand slam title.

2. High first serve percentage. What separates the top players?  Not much, so getting as many free points from the first serve is vital if Murray is going to win in New York.  Also his second serve is the worst in the men’s game; the equivalent of taking a feather-duster to a knife fight.  The top players win to many easy points from Andy’s second serve, so a high first serve percentage is very important.

3.  Stay positive. Andy’s body language is very telling.  He has serious psychological issues (you’re not alone Alex).  It is very important that Andy wins the first set in matches against the top players to keep his chin up.  He also needs to relax his obsession about winning a grand slam.  He is good enough and he probably will win a grand slam.  He is still young (well, youngish) and has time.  These things happen when they’re meant to.  Anyway, winning only one shouldn’t be the goal of a great player.

4.  Keep court time down during the first week. Andy trains very hard, but he seems to be the type of athlete who will always have fitness issues.  Quick sets and quick matches during the first week will help resolve fitness issues.  He went through first week at the Australian Open very quickly and without dropping a set.  He made it to the final without any fitness issues.

5.  No crisps. I can’t remember every hearing a champion athlete say that a steady diet of crisps is what gives them the edge over opponents.  Andy must lay off the crisps (known as chips in New York.  Chips are french fries, or freedom fries depending on if America is at war with terrorists, who are also known as evil doers).

Good luck Andy.  I’m here to help.


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