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Scotland 1 – Rest of the world – 0

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That’s right folks, Andy’s fellow Scot Elena Baltacha (daughter of former St Johnstone Defender Sergei Pavlovich Baltacha) smashed her way into the second round of this years US Open.

Inflicting a crushing and devastating defeat of an opponent who bested her earlier this year at Wimbledon.

Next up is Andy.  As far as I’m concerned he can eat as many packets of monster munch as he likes.  Here’s my 5 point plan for his victory:

(1) Smash Roger Federer off the court so convincingly that it will make him consider whether his 16 grand slams weren’t some kind of extraordinary fluke

(2) Spend his free days shopping and lunching with Kim (the future Mrs Murray).  As Don Corleone said “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

(3) Be aggressive, an invitation to the gun show again this year wouldn’t go amiss.

(4) Eat crisps for every meal.  It will be even more embarassing when Murray wins on a bad diet, when all the other so called professionals are eating healthily

(5) Drop shot as often as you like Murray.  It’s an arrogant, flashy, show off-y, lazy, skilled, maverick shot.  It will piss off the other players, because whether Murray gets it right or not, the other player still has to run it down every time.

Murray will win this tournament.  It’s his destiny.


Written by The Murray Files

30/08/2010 at 9:37 pm

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