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Andy who?

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Seems Andy Murray’s management team are in emergency talks with the USTA and their inability to schedule Andy’s first round match before Wednesday.

Team Andy: ‘Yes!  Andy.  Murray.  The number 4 seed ring any bells?!’

USTA: ‘Aaaah riiiiight.  Ooops.  Slight oversight on our part!’

TA: ‘You don’t f**kin’ say!  So, can you get him on Tuesday night, late?’

USTA:  ‘Um, i’m afraid not.  The evening sessions are reserved for the players who, lets be honest, sell the tickets.  Roger was on last night.  Look good winning in straight sets, by the way.  Tonight we’ve got Coco Vandeweghe.  She’s one of our great American hopefuls.  We’re really proud of her, win or lose!’

TA:  ‘Thats great.  But what about Andy?’

USTA:  ‘Andy?  Andy who?’

If i’m being honest, I don’t think starting the tournament on Wednesday will help Andy at all.  It was in his best interest to play every other day.  Starting on Wednesday means that he’ll probably have to play Thursday evening.  Regardless as if he can get to the third round, at some point he’ll need to play two consecutive days.

Not ideal, and i’m sure Don Corleone would agree with that.


Written by The Murray Files

31/08/2010 at 7:03 am

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