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Kim, hand me my cape – I’m going in.

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The man with the plan looks like he was just kicked in the plums.  Or, he could be celebrating the fact that Tomas Berdych lost his match and Murray won’t have to risk the same fate  — his arse handed to him on a plate — as the French Open.

I felt Andy used the drop-shot too often (i’m not a big fan of the drop-shot in case you cannot tell) and seemed to lose his temper too easily.  However, he did the business in straight sets which was important.

You cannot take a lot from a first round match, other than the fact that the heat clearly bothers Andy.  Perhaps a cape wouldn’t look so daft if it kept the sun off his back and helped him win the tournament?

Next up is some Jamaican guy, ranked 1,452 in the world.  Good news for Andy as so far he’ll have made it to the 3rd round without actually having to play decent tennis.


Written by The Murray Files

02/09/2010 at 10:15 am

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