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Andy Murray should start believing he is the best.

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Five time US Open champion, Mr. One-Dimensional, won in straight-sets yesterday.  Ever the humble man, he commented on the quality of his opponent and the tricky, windy conditions which forced him to play very focused tennis.  If only he was an egomaniac and would just come out and say he played some great looking tennis.

Staying with the great looking theme: The two very fine looking tennis players, Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki, square-up in the 4th round and by the end of play Monday the US Open will be a much less attractive place.

At least we can still have a look at Andy Murray for at least one more match.  Amen.

Only kidding Andy.  You’re a fine laddie, and I found myself cheering more meaningfully for you during your last match, when it seemed that you felt outdone in the cool stakes by your opponent.  Andy, you need to learn to love yourself and maybe listen to the wise words of Christina Aguilera – you are beautiful.

Murray’s tweeting output today has been nil, so that is reason enough to get to the bookies and back a focused 4th seed.

Should be an interesting match.


Written by The Murray Files

05/09/2010 at 5:14 pm

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