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Rafa Nadal – A grudging respect

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Of all the top top players (aside from Murray), I think he is the one I have the most respect for.

Yes, I’ve got my concerns that he’s pushing his body to the extremes, but I like his play immensely.  I think he plays with a consistency, honesty and passion that most other players could only dream of.

It would be lovely to see someone other than Rafa or Mr One Dimensional win a tournament, but if it has to be one of them, I would much rather it was the Majorcan.

Other good results overnight saw the lovely Kim Clijsters come through a tough match to reach the semi finals.

I hope “Sunshine” makes it all the way to the final obviously, but it would be great if Kim got there too.

One final thought, I would absolutely love it if Monfils knocked Djoko out of the tournament.  I have absolutely no respect for him and can find nothing in his game that I enjoy watching.

So Monfils, it’s time to channel that esprit gaulois and send Djoko back to Belgrade (or Monte Carlo, depending on availability of flights).

He likes the drop shot too


Written by The Murray Files

08/09/2010 at 6:54 am

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