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Clijsters is the Daddy

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It was the end of the road for Wozniacki in New York.  The moody little cow was no match for the all around efficiency of Zvonareva – the runner-up at Wimbledon earlier in the year.

Wozniacki behaved like a 15-year old without any grand slam success, which reminded me of the British mens number one against Wawrenka.  No poise.  No fight.  No alternative game plan.  Still no grand slam title.

However, anybody who watched the main-event will have to admit its hard to see past Kim Clijsters (the ‘Daddy’ of this piece).  It was one way traffic in the third set, and 5-minutes of dodgy serving/ground strokes from the Belgian was the only hope for Venus Williams.

Its ‘Super Saturday’ (vomit) for the men today.  I’d rather see the finalists given a days rest before the championship match, to be sure they’re at their best.  But as the Americans know their tennis event is not, and will never be, the biggest event on the calendar, they have to do something different to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s hoping for the final that 99.9% of people would like to see (not Youzny v. Djokovic).  The two legends of their time normally make for a memorable match whenever they meet, so it would be good to see them play a US Open final for the first time.


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