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Jordan river: The original spa weekend.

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Alex: Even you can be saved.

First of all:  Alex you need therapy.  Perhaps anger management or a quick dunking in the Jordan river?

Moving on…

I’ve never seen Roger play worse tennis (no timely serves + awful groundstrokes), and Djokovic will never play a better match (or luckier) in his life.  I lost count of the number of shots Djokovic hit into the net only for the ball to land over and into Federer’s court.

Federer lost the match, so save the Novak won it nonsense.

Anyway, I could analyse this all day (and I’d be right) – but believe this:  Nadal will win easily in straight sets.  Djokovic although he has a grand slam title and is the third best players in the world, he is nowhere near the class of Roger (16) or Rafa (8 soon to be 9).

Although Federer still comfortably handles most players, he used to be capable of playing his best more often and if he wasn’t at his best, his second best was more than enough for anybody else.  What goes up, must come down.

Federer has two nappies to change these days, and I predict he will win only one more grand slam title before he retires.

So says I.


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