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Discussing Andy Murray's quest for a grand slam title.


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Yet again, Novak Djokovic is the bridesmaid — does that make Andy Murray a one-night stand? — but at least an extra days rest and another rain delay when he was getting his backside handed to him in the second set saved him from a straight-sets defeat.

All four of the grand slam titles during 2010 have gone to Federer and Nadal.  Both are still in their 20’s and have confirmed their status as legends of the game.  When will one of these young chumps give them a proper run for their money?

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a player on the circuit with anything close to the total package of Mr. One Dimensional (16) or Nadal (9).

Del Potro, Berdytch, Murray, and few others nearing their mid-20’s would have made an impact by now if it was meant to happen.  It won’t.

Note:  Alex – I don’t want you turn to turn green and starting tearing the place up.  Andy may win a grand slam yet.  Federer will retire soon and possibly Rafa as well.

Well done Nadal, the player of the year for 2010 as voted by the Tennis Doctor.


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