The Murray Files

Discussing Andy Murray's quest for a grand slam title.

As far as I’m concerned…

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There are two players in the world – whom I shall not name – who can throw all their trophies in the bin because they got them from cheating.

One of them battered his opponents into submission through sheer physical superiority, that’s not the tennis that I know and love.

The other one… I don’t what his deal is, but there’s definitely something fishy going on, that’s all I know.

On an completely unrelated note.  Federer and Nadal are both in their twenties.  Federer will hopefully retire in the next year or two, and Nadal won’t be far behind him (as I’ve said before, the human body wasn’t meant to be pushed to the limits he pushes it too).

Then it will be over to the so called young guns.  I predict at this point that the following players will win the following grand slams:

Andy Murray  – 7 (3 Australian open, 2 Us Open, 1 French and 1 Wimbledon)

Novak – 3 (2 Australian Open and 1 French Open)

Del Potro – No more Grand Slam wins



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