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Can Nadal win more grand slam titles than Federer?

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7 grand slams? Put that pipe down.

1.  If Andy Murray wins seven grand slams, i’ll castrate myself with a plastic spoon.

2.  New rule:  No smokin’ crack before posting.

The talk of the tennis world (the real tennis world, not the crack smoking one) is whether or not Rafa Nadal will have won more grand slam singles titles than Roger Federer once both of their playing days are over.

Obviously Federer has peaked and isn’t as dominant as he once was.  However, he still hammers most players regularly and usually seems to find himself in the last four of every tournament – so he most likely will contest several more finals.  He is still ranked two in the world, and you have to go back to 2002 for the last year Federer didn’t win one.

Assuming Federer didn’t win another, Nadal wouldn’t basically have to win every title over again to pass Federer’s current total of 16.

I’m not saying he can’t or won’t, but one of the key’s to Federer’s achievements is that he somehow seems to be healthy all of the time (other than mononucleosis in 2008).  Nadal isn’t as injury prone as Andy ‘ma back is pure achin’ maaan’ Murray, but Nadal relies on his athleticism more than most players, and once that goes so to does his dominance.

I personally don’t think Nadal will get to 17, but who knows.  He’s got more chance of getting to 17, than Murray does of getting to 7.

Go Andy!


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