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What are the best songs for sports?

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More specifically, which songs would you like to listen to, to really get you pumped up and ready to bash that shuttlecock (so to speak).

Let’s ignore all the usual cliched nonsense, and go straight to good stuff.  I’m going to break it into categories:

Getting ready for a gig:

Song choice – Holes, Mercury Rev.

Might seem like a bit of unusual one that.  It’s got everything, amazing intro, brilliant chorus, a theramin, keyboards, a bass, some drums, the following lyric “Holes… dug by little moles”  In my opinion, the last thing you want to hear before a gig is something pumping or too full of energy.  If I hear system of  a down, it’s going to be a bad gig.

Getting ready to play tennis:

Song choice – Show me how to live, Audioslave

It’s absolutely banging, and enough to get even the most average player to raise his game enough to beat Mr One Dimensional

Ready to play in a pool tournament:

Song choice – Out there somewhere (part 2), Orbital

It’s a digital symphony.  Musical genius, helps your to chill and focus for that classic effortless (3 pints kind of) state of mind that you need for pool.


Song choice – Just stick on some Smiths I guess, I mean you must already be a bit depressed that your sport is darts, so why not indulge in the most melancholic music ever written.

Just some thoughts.


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23/09/2010 at 9:53 pm

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