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Caroline Wozniacki vs Kim Clijsters

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It’s the Danish princess (sunshine), vs my favourite female player on the tour, Clijsters.

Who do I want to win?

It’s a tough one, but I probably want Clijsters to win.  Sunshine has the rest of her career, old Kim-Bo is in the later part of the 2nd phase of hers.

I like basketball too you know


Go tennis!


It’s worse than I thought for Federer…

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Roger just sent me another link:

The first lines of the song are:

I can make you want me, I can make you think you need me too, I can reassure you that all the lies you tell yourself are true.

Oh, Roger, were did it all go so wrong. Keep your Chin up my son.

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29/10/2010 at 4:20 pm

I think Roger Federer’s in Trouble

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He sent me this youtube clip last night**

What could it mean?  Maybe he needs to talk to someone.

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29/10/2010 at 4:09 pm

Grand Slam titles are ALL that matter

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Roger has 16. How many do you have?

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again:  You can win as many Masters or regular tour titles as you like, but when all is said and done it’s grand slam titles that define how a player is remembered.

Roger won his 64th career ATP title today, equaling Pete Sampras.

Jimmy Connors holds the Open-era record with 109 Tour wins ahead of Ivan Lendl (94) and John McEnroe (77).

Have you ever heard anybody mention Jimmy Connors as the greatest player of all-time?  Neither have I.  Yes, he is a total legend and did manage to win 8 singles grand slam titles (that’s eight more than Anne Keothavong – how she manages to cope with the weight of, erm, expectation imposed on her by the British sporting public is beyond me).

Once when Tiger Woods was questioned about his poor Ryder Cup record, he said that nobody ever talks about Jack Nicholas’s Ryder Cup record.  They talk about the 18 major titles he won.

Grand slam titles is all that count.  The players who are in the top 10 in the world will never have financial difficulties ever again.  If they have any interest beyond money, they play for the coveted four major titles each year.  The rest is to secure ranking points.

Andy Murray needs to get very focused, and borderline nasty.  As if he doesn’t win a major in 2011, he probably will never win one.

He has the tools, but does he have the required drive to see him through two weeks of 3 out of 5 set tennis?

He won’t win the French, but the other three he could win.

It’s now or never.  Time to put the video games away and time to decide how he wants to be remembered.

Masters titles for show.  Grands slams for a pro.

Anne Keothavong, Big well done

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She’s had a difficult career.  The weight of expectation of the British public probably weighed her down a little too much.

But after a disappointing season she has rallied and has made the semi finals in Luxembourg.

If she kicks on and really takes time to improve her fitness and overall game, who’s to say how far she might go.

Take Francesca Schiavone as a perfect case in point.  She was a serial under performer all her life.  Early exits were her bread and butter, then suddenly boosh!


Can anyone else smell clay?

So, if Keothavong has the hunger, the desire, the drive, le je ne sais quoi, the get up and go, the “I’m just gonna blast it today”, then she too could win a Grand Slam.

2011 will be the year for Keothavong.

Aussie Open – Last 16

Roland Garros – First Round exit

Wimbledon – Quarter Finals

Flushing Meadows – Winner

Mark my words.  And when she’s won it, she’ll have paved the way for Laura Robson and Heather Watson to begin a period of Domination for British Females in Tennis.

All you have to do is believe, then anything can happen.

If she can be half as tough as this lot, she can win:

Wayne Rooney, Todo saldra en al colada

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Average salary for Teacher = £30,889 per annum

Average salary for a Cop = £36,667 per annum

Average salary for a Surgeon = £71,778 per annum

Wayne Rooney’s current salary = Approximately £5,000,000-£6,000,000 per annum (not including sponsorships/endorsements)

Once a blue, always a blue

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19/10/2010 at 7:53 pm

Andy Murray Wins Again!

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I think that with a month off to prepare I could probably have made this final too.

He hasn’t faced anyone with real class in this tournament yet.  I’d even suggest that it’s been amateur hour so far.

So, now he’s got to beat Mr One Dimensional in the final.

I wonder what Federer will be up to tonight?  I reckon he’ll have a nice dinner alone in town, maybe play a little x box in his penthouse suite alone and the night would be finished off with his favourite film:

On the Waterfront

Key quote from that film?

“I coulda been a contender.”

Sweet dreams Federer.  The train’s almost at the station now.

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today.