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Tennis Doctor is back. You can all relax again.

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Well it is safe to say that the pipe is still en vogue, as this blog is as sick as a pike due to Alex’s consistently delusional state.

Not to worry though as the Tennis Doctor is back from the land of the feisty beaver and surly grizzly, to enlighten tennis enthusiasts and govern Alex’s insane gibberish.

I see he’s brought music onto the radar, which is fine.  Luckily I can help in this area as well (bit of an all-rounder, you could say).

Going to a gig:  Depends who I’m going with, what type of music it is, how much booze will be consumed prior to the gig.  However, you can’t go far wrong with The Ramones self-titled debut.

Tennis:  The Swiss National Anthem (Sung by Roger).

Pool:  Friday Night, Saturday Morning by The Specials. I can imagine wasting a day away in a pool hall and possibly making a break of at least 10 to this tune.

Darts:  Chase The Sun by Planet Funk. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  This song is custom made for round men with 15+ pints in them to dance to while watching one of the greatest modern sportsmen, Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor tame all pretenders to the arrows throne.

Also, I scoured the free press and found no mention of Roger’s retirement.

Yes, there are nappies to be changed, but i’m sure the great gentleman will be back in Melbourne for a shot at his 17th major title.  Amen.


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