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Falsom Prison Blues

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I thought I’d seen me a thing or two…….

Murray.  I want you to win.  You keep coming up with excuses though.  You said that you’d give 100%, that’ll get you half way.

You think you have the game to beat any man out there?  But Nadal, Nadal isn’t a man, he’s a Majorcan Killing Machine.

You say you need to get stronger.  Rubbish.  You are strong enough already.  Think back to the US open semi, when you had Nadal doubled over, gasping for breath.

Nadal is like the Yankees.  The moment people see those Pinstripes, they’re already beat.

Murray has the game to beat him, he just has to believe.

So, this is my  rallying cry.  Next year, You can beat any player that stands in your way.

I think if you just believe, that you could go through the entire 2011 season without dropping a single match.  I honestly believe you’re that good.

So my prediction for 2011?

Aussie Open – Murray

Roland Garros – Murray

Wimbledon – Murray

Flushing Meadows – Murray

It’s going to go down in history.

I believe you can do it Murray. Oh Yeah!


Written by The Murray Files

10/10/2010 at 9:43 pm

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