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Discussing Andy Murray's quest for a grand slam title.

Andy Murray and the end of year finals

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As I’ve just finished watching the fourth season of The Wire, I’m going to use some season 4 quotes and general advice to spur Murray on to victory in the 5th Grand Slam of the year:

(1) If he’s going to win, he’s going to need “Soft Eyes”, he can’t just blast his way through, or drop shot till he… drops.  No, he needs subtlety, the ability to step back, and “see” the way the way to win, see those details that other (perhaps more stupid players) would miss.

(2) Just like a bit of advice Carcetti got from a former mayor of Baltimore, Murray is going to have to eat a few bowls of shit in order to win this tournament.  In other words, he’s going to get his shit handed to him in more than a few games, and brace yourself everyone, I think he could even lose a set.  But it’s the big picture that matters, the run for Governor, or in this case, the 5th grandslam.

(3) Finally, don’t snitch.  That’s just good advice no matter what.

Here are some inspirational pictures of Andy Murray to bring out the joy in you all.  I’ve listed them in order of quite inspirational, finishing with very inspirational:

You need Soft Eyes

Come on!


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