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Andy Murray into Semi Finals

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A very tricky opponent was deftly disposed of by Andy Murray in the early hours of the morning (Scottish time).

Yes, on a night when many a burns supper was being enjoyed, it seemed only fitting that Scotland’s new hero should offer up another plate of tennis genius for the nation to enjoy.

If murray can just hold it together for one more match, then he’ll be in the finals again.  We all know that on his day Rafael Nadal can bring a good game.  But if Murray plays at 100% and Nadal plays at 100%, then there will be only one winner here.

But don’t feel too sorry for Nadal everyone, I mean he has won plenty of grandslams before, so his ego and pride will recover.  I’d recommend a few weeks relaxation on a nice beach somewhere.

On the women’s side of things, my favourite player Kim Clijsters made it to the Semi Finals as well.  Well done Kim.

I believe Mr One Dimensional is also having a reasonable good tournament.  Well done to him too I guess.

So, well done Murray.  Nadal, you’re next.

Does anyone know when the next flight to Majorca is?


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