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Training Techniques

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I once read an interview with a famous tennis player that focused on their training methods.  I’ve always felt that it would be an interesting way to go about things.

The idea is basically that your trainer directs shots at you and you have hit that ball into one corner 20 times in a row.  So, if you manage to do it sucessfully 6 times in a row, but then miss your 7th shot, then you have to start again, and must complete the exercise until you have done it 20 consecutive times in a row.  Then when you’ve done that, switch to the other corner and repeat.

Then when you’ve done all that, repeat this same exercise for almost every shot you make.

The person who used this training regime won 27 grand slams in total (In singles, doubles and mixed doubles).  So, in my opinion I would say that their training method is very much worth considering.

So, if you’re one of the many thousands of budding young tennis stars who tune into my blog each day to get an insight into tennis, then why not ask your trainer to try out this new regime.  Who knows, you might go from just another prospect into an actual world class player.

Let me know how you get on.


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