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British Tennis set for new golden era?

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I caught up with legendary Falkirk based tennis player Jean Michael de la Rossi, or JR to his friends.

We meet in a small brasserie, the type that are quite common place in a town that is quickly garnering a reputation for having the best eateries in the central belt of Scotland.

JR ordered a bagel and black coffee and I had a green tea and a scone.  After a few minutes watching Falkirk go by, we got onto the subject of British Tennis:

So JR, who do you think will be the next British player to win a grand slam?

If I had to put money on it now, I would probably go for Heather Watson.

Interesting, what about Andy Murray, he’s made three finals now, surely you’d have to say that he has the best chance of winning a slam, ahead of this junior player?


Jr, I’m not sure I like your tone.  I think Andy Murray deserves your respect.

I speak the truth

At this point I ended the interview.  JR was once highly respected, and anyone who has won 12 challenger events deserves to be listened to.  But the man has clearly been living the high life a little too long in sunny Falkirk, and has quite frankly lost touch with reality.

So, as we know, Andy Murray will be the next grand slam winner, fact.


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