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Interview with Sookie Stackhouse

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I caught up with the beautiful Anna Paquin over lunch at the 9 Monkey bar and grill in Princess Street Edinburgh.

Anna ordered a steak, two whiskey’s, a brownie with ice cream and I had a ice tea (I was paying).

So Sookie, you’ve had a great couple of years.

The names Anna.


Sookie is the name of my character.  My name is Anna.

Right, so, Anna You’ve had a great couple of years

Yeah it’s really been amazing…



Why do you like Vampires?

Again, that’s my character, not me.

So you don’t like Vampires?

You do know that Vampires aren’t real, yeah?

I like Vampires.  They’re cool.

Ok, didn’t you want to talk to me about tennis?

Yeah, sure, who’s the greatest tennis player of all time?

Easy, Roger Federer.

What about the greatest film?

Easy, Wizard of Oz

And the greatest song?

Bulls on Parade

Wrong Sookie, wrong, wrong, wrong.

The best tennis player is Andy Murray, The best film ever is Twelve Monkeys and the best song ever is Tonight, Tonight by the Smashing pumpkins.

You’re a creep, I can’t believe a flew all the way from New York for this.

At this point I terminated the interview.  It’s clear that whilst Sookie Stackhouse may have once had a gift, she has clearly lost it now. £50.00 for an ice tea!

Here are the real vampires.  What can’t speak, can’t lie:


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