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Interview with Natalie Portman

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I was in Star Wars you know

I caught up with Natalie Portman ahead of this years Oscars to discuss everything from the Oscars to her views on Tennis.

As many of you will know, Natalie Portman is a Challenger level tennis player, and had she not pursued a career in acting, she could have made quite an impact on the pro tour.

We met in the Elephants Graveyard Surf & Turf restaurant on Mulholland Drive. I got there promptly, but Natalie was 40 minutes late, meaning I’d had 3 pints of beer during my wait.  No matter, I was a professional, so I carried on with the interview.

So Natalie, up for an oscar for Black Swan, how do you rate your chances?

Well it’s just an honour to be nominated really.  The real winners are the viewing public.

So you think Inception is going to win too?

Well, I’m not saying that.  I think we all have a great chance.

Sure you do.  How do you react to criticism  that this is the first great film you’ve made since V for Vendetta?

I haven’t heard anyone say that before.  But it’s all about personal opinions.

What are you doing later today?

Well, I’m going to get my dress fitted.  It’s a really beautiful creation, and I can’t wait to try it on.

Oh, I was just wondering if you were free to maybe go for a drink.  I hear there’s this great restaurant called Bobby Breakfast and Scran, that does authentic Scottish dishes.

That’s a lovely offer, but like I say, I’ve got the dress fitting.

So, Natalie Portman the actress, Natalie Portman the entertainer, Natalie Portman the Pretty Woman, Natalie Portman the Star Wars Actor, Natlie Portman from Black Swan, the question I have for you is, who is the real Natalie Portman?

I’m just an average Girl, who wants to do well in this world.

They do Haggis this restaurant.  Not real Haggis, but vegetarian Haggis. Anyway, who is your favourite Tennis Player?

Easy, Roger Federer

At this point I terminated the interview.  Natalie Portman was good In Leon, V for Vendetta and Star Wars the Phantom Menace.  But clearly hollywood has changed her.  If she’d just stuck at the tennis, then who knows, she could have been a true great.  Well, all the best for the black swan I guess. Although wouldn’t it be nice if Toy Story 3 won, just for something different?


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