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Andy Murray Crashes out of Indian Wells

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In a pathetic display by the worlds best player, he lost in straight sets to an unknown qualifier.

It would appear that as in 2010, Andy Murray is going to suffer an extraordinary slump in his form again.  At the rate he’s going, he’ll be lucky to win a single singles match between now and the French Open.  Not good enough.  Just not good enough.

He needs to buck up his ideas.  Man up, and get out and play matches.  Otherwise what is the point.

I caught up with 6 time Falkirk Challenger cup winner, Melissa Van McGregor-Stein at the Heartbreak Cafeteria and Diner in Falkirk.

Melissa arrived over 25 minutes late.  I ordered an Expresso and caramel shortcake.  Melissa ordered 2 danishes, 1 coffee and 4 bananas.

So Melissa, what do you make of Andy Murray’s slump in form?

He’s a pie


he’s a pie, a roaster if you will.  A bit of a moody bottle merchant.

I think that’s outrageous Melissa, he’s one of the best tennis players of our era, as a fellow Scot, you should be proud.

Well I’m not.

Do you think he can win The French Open?

Actually Yes I do.

Hang on, didn’t you just call him a pie?

Yeah I did, But I got the wrong end of the stick, I thought you were talking about Andy Murray the Curler from Strathbyego.

No, I meant Andy Murray the Tennis player

Right, I see, he’s brilliant.  Not quite as good as Roger Federer that’s for sure

At this point I terminated the interview.  Melissa may have won in Falkirk a record 5 times in a row, but clearly fame and fortune have spoiled her.  I ended up paying £53 for both of our lunches.  Thanks Melissa, thanks for nothing.


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