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Marion Bartoli

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I caught up with Marion Bartoli in the 4 deers steak and beer funhouse in downtown Paris.  It was a 2 hour flight, and 4 hour train ride.  So I was understandably pissed off by the time I reached the restaurant.

So Marion, do you feel a change in tactics or training techniques could have helped you in the final?


Ok.  Wozniacki is quite an athlete, at the top level, sometimes it’s that extra 10% fitness that can swing things, don’t you agree?


What’s your problem Marion, I’m trying to help.  You could win a grandslam if you listen to me.  You have to see that?


Fine.  Whatever.  What’s your favourite city?


Who is your favourite band

The Smashing Pumpkins

What is the best tv show ever

Battlestar galactica (the remake)

Who is the best tennis player in the world

Roger Federer

At this point, I  terminated the interview.  I like Marion Bartoli, I really do, but she’s lost her objectivity.  When you lose that, you’ve got nothing.  Well Marion, Au revoir and see you next time.

70 euros for lunch, on me!

Oh yeah!


Written by The Murray Files

22/03/2011 at 5:54 pm

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