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Martina Navratilova has lost all credability

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So she thinks Andy Murray has to toughen up?

Maybe she’s the one who has to toughen up, maybe she’s looking back at her own career with rose tinted glasses on.

The facts speak for themselves, so lets take a look at her grand slam wins:

Wimbledon 1978 – Chris Evert had a bad day

Wimbledon 1979 – Chris Evert had another bad day

Australian Open 1981 – Chris Evert had jet lag

French Open 1982 – She got lucky

Wimbledon 1982 – Chris Evert overslept

Wimbledon 1983 – Andrea Jaeger had a bad pint in the pub the night before

Us Open 1983 – Chris Evert was a bit tired

Australian Open 1983 – Kathy Jordan was on the wrong end of some bad umpire decisions

French Open -1984 – Chris Evert had a fight with her boyfriend

Wimbledon 1984 – Chris Evert lost the keys to her car and it distracted her

US open 1984 – Chris Evert forget to feed her fish and this was playing on her mind

Wimbledon 1985 – Chris Evert lost her favourite tennis shoes

Wimbledon 1986 – She got very lucky

US Open 1986 – Helena Sukova just didn’t try hard enough

Wimbledon 1987 – Steffi Graf should have done better

US Open 1987 – Steffi Graf really should have done better

Wimbledon 1990 – Zina Garrison, who’s that?

So there you have it, if some of her opponents had played to their capacity then Navratilova might not have won 18 grand slams, maybe only 3 or 4.


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  1. Very entertaining!


    24/03/2011 at 7:35 pm

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