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It’s sad to watch someone losing it right on front of your eyes.

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You probably thought this post would be about Alex’s clearly unstable condition. (I don’t have time for that bucket load of issues).

I’m actually referring to our boy Andy.

There is no point getting too concerned (or cracking up. Naming no names.), as a couple of bad defeats do not make a top player instantly finished.

Andy does however need to get a grip and heed the advice of the great Martina N., and have a look at the man in the mirror.

Time is on his side and the two greats (16 & 9) aren’t in top form just yet either.

Djokovic will not win another slam this year. The slams will be won by four different players this year. That’s a guarantee if you’ve ever heard one.

Murray does need to question his level of motivation. He’s already wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. But what about showing some poise and maturity so he can get that slam he’s good enough to win and make his ‘intense’ mother happy?

Bingo! Andy, your mother needs to leave your box. It’s just not helping.

Sack your Mum and you’ll win Wimbledon this year.

Sack your Mum, and start winning.

Sack your Mum. Be a champion.


Written by The Murray Files

26/03/2011 at 3:05 pm

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