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It's all about the love you make, not the love you take.

So not only has Dr. Evil, Ivan Lendl, come out and offered his coaching experience (nil) to Andy Pandy.  Even worse, as far as our resident mad-man is concerned, superstar tennis king Roger ‘Feddy’ Federer has offered sympathy and encouragement to ‘our Andy’.

Roger Federer, a 16-time major winner, is confident the Scot will rediscover his best form. “Andy not playing well for three tournaments is not that big a surprise for me,” he said.

“I struggled hugely when I was between 19 and 23, so for it to happen once in a while, I don’t think it’s that much of a worry. It’s important he picks it up before the French [Open] and Wimbledon but he’s too good a player to continue like this, so he’ll be all right.”

The difference is somebody was able to make their own tea at age 20, and the other is not able to do so.

S.A.C.K.  M.U.M.


Written by The Murray Files

28/03/2011 at 11:29 pm

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