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Interview with Gemma Arterton

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I caught up with the absolutely stunning Gemma Arterton at the Cheeky Fisherman’s Lobster Palace in Berlin.  It’s a little on the pricey side but if you’re looking for quality lobster there really isn’t anywhere better.

I ordered us a Wreath of Kolsch and we got down to business.

So Gemma are you in Berlin for filming ?

Yeah, I’m working on my latest project.

What’s that?

I really can’t say it’s kind of hush hush, you know?

Not really, hang on a second.

At this point in the interview I finished off my first pint and headed to the mens room to check out IMDB.

So, Wrath of the Titans, is that really a good idea?

What do yo mean by that?

Well, I mean Clash of the titans…

Clash of the titans was a spectacular movie, did you even watch it?


What? What does 5.9 mean?

5.9 stars out of 10. Not just my ranking Gemma, the ranking of the internet movie database.

Right well, anyway, you said you wanted to talk about tennis.

Aye.  Ok, who do you think will win Wimbledon this year?

I don’t know, I guess Novak Djokovic is doing pretty well. Maybe him.

Maybe Not Gemma.

Why can’t he win it?

I don’t like him


At this point I terminated the interview.  Djokovic is ok, but Wimbledon! Do me a favour, there’s more of chance of Gemma offering to go Dutch on the bill.

I called Gemma a cab, and I stayed on to finish off the wreath I ordered.  I got chatting to a German Barmaid called Alize.  I was going to ask her out, but I was 85 Euro’s down from Dinner and Berlin’s an expensive city.

Maybe another time Alize…Maybe another time.


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