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Miami Masters Final 2011, My Match report

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Well that was a total waste of time.

So, Djokovic beat Nadal.  Brilliant. I couldn’t be happier.

The match went on for absolutely ages.  It was too warm.  I got a little sunburned.  Also, the security guards wouldn’t let me take a beer into the stadium.  You believe that!

Anyway, I promised my “friend” that I’d do the match report, so here it is:

Set 1 – Nadal won that set

Set 2 – Djokovic won that set

Set 3 – Djokovic won that set

It was a best of 3 sets final in Miami.  Nadal only won 1 set and Djokovic won 2 sets.  So that means that Djokovic won the match by a margin of 2 sets to 1.

Djokovic pocketed over €600,000

Nadal pocketed just under €300,000

There were no losers in that final.

Money for old rope


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