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The way forward for British Tennis

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We have to look to the past.

Who was the last british Male to win a grandslam?  Fred Perry of course.  So if any of the current or future crop of british players are to win a slam, then they’ll have to emulate Perry.

(1) The place of birth – Fred was born in Stockport.  If you weren’t born in Stockport, then stop reading here as you have no chance of progressing beyond amateur level.

(2) The look – Fred wore his hair in a mid-style cut. So if you’ve got long hair then cut it, if it’s short, come back to me in a few months when it’s grown a little

(3) Hands – You must be right handed. If you’re left handed please stop reading now (ambidextrous may read on too)

(4) War cries – When the opponent hits a good shot, you must cry out “Very Clevah”, it will piss off your opponents.  Fred knew this, now you have to know this too.

(5) Which grand slam to win first? – Fred won the US open first, so that’s were you start too.

(6) Get a wooden racket. They’re cool and Fred had one.

(7)  Clothing – Long pair of slacks and a fun polo shirt

So, there you have it.  Tennis is ultimately a simple game and if you follow these simple rules, you too could be a tennis great.

Alex (Helping tennis stars all over the world since 1997)


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