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Interview with Yvette Strangemouse

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I caught up with 9 time Dundee Open winner Yvette Strangemouse at the Flirty Pigeon Wine Bar in Reykjavik, Iceland.

I had an offer of an interview with the beautiful Marion Cotillard in Marseille, but for my money, the night life and free spirited nature of the Icelandic people is worth the £200.00 flight from London.  Plus, Yvette has a spare room and her people said that she’d put me up for the night.

So, Yvette, it’s great to see you, how have you been?

Great.  I love Iceland.

Wonderful.  Thanks again for putting me up tonight.  It can be murder finding a place to stay in Reykjavic.

There must be a misunderstanding.  My house is being renovated just now, I’m sorry…

So, I can’t stay with you tonight?

No, I’m so sorry.

Where are you staying?

With my boyfriend.

Right.  Ok, well Yvette.  Winning in Dundee 9 years in a row.  It was an amazing streak.

It really was.  The public and the media…

Does he have a spare room?


Your man.

No, it’s one bedroom

Right, sorry, you were saying.

Yeah, the media attention was amazing.  It seemed like everyone just wanted me to keep on winning.

A couch?

You can’t stay, ok.

It’s fine.  If you’re people could just be more clear, otherwise you waste people’s time.I

I said sorry.

Anyway, you enjoying Monte Carlo this week?


Why not?

I watched Andy murray, I thought his conduct was disgraceful.

At this point I terminated the interview.  Yvette may have been given the keys to the city of Dundee, but anyone who reneges on their offer to put me up for the night (effectively rendering my homeless in Reykjavic) deserves nothing but apathy and scorn.

I stayed on for dinner.  I had a lobster, 4 beers and profiteroles and ice cream for pudding.


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