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Here’s how Murray can beat Nadal today

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(1) I think it’s crucial to get under his skin.  So, Andy, you’re gonna have to wind him up.  Before you serve, you have to “Do an Nadal” and pick your pants out of your ass.  You have to do this every time.

(2) When you’re walking past his chair, ‘accidentally’ slip and knock over his bottles of water and juice.

(3) Now that you’ve got him on edge, do a drop shot on every single point for the first 4 games.  He’ll have to chase them all down.  Let’s see how fit Nadal really is.

(4) After the first 4 games (the score should now be 4-0 to you Andy), you have to go all out attack.  After no more than the 3rd shot of the rally, you have to start hitting big, big winners on every side of the court.

The result will be a broken and disorientated Nadal. He’ll be out of his depth, out of his comfort zone, and all you have to do is pop it into cruise control to see out the final set for the win.

As many faithful readers of the blog will know, I once coached Strathbungo based tennis player, Rachel Evesmore, during her successful run of wins at the now de-funk  Mosspark Glory Invitational event.  Under my guidance Rachel won that event 2 years in succession.   Just ask Rachel how good a coach I am.  She certainly regretted ditching me for Scotston based also ran Marlo Oscarton.  Rachel didn’t win again, and I actually coached her rival the following year, Mimi Badgers to glory over my former pupil.

The lesson here. Don’t mess with a coach of my calibre, because you’ll lose, every time.

I didn't make it through, but I hope Andy Does. Go Murray!


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