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Hey Lisa…

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I thought I had an interview lined up today but it fell through.  Jessica Alba can whistle for it if she’s thinks I’m rescheduling again.

Anyway, I didn’t have much on, so rather than just sit in the house playing Top Spin3 on the Xbox, I decided to get out for a while.

It was really sunny and so I left my jumper in the house for the first time in about 6 months.

I was walking along the canal just enjoying the day, listening to a bit of chilled out music.  I was just listening to Song for Holly by Esthero thinking that this was actually turning into a pretty good day, when a certain David Holmes song came on my ipod.

It was of course Hey Lisa.

And it has inspired me.

I’m a coach of some standing, and I don’t think it’s right that the world be denied the benefit of my insights and expertise.

It hit me half way through the song…

I’m going to set up a Tennis Academy!

And I’m going to build it in Falkirk.

I will find the best talent from around the globe.  I’m not going to accept any applicant aged less than 19 though, can’t be arsed with the hassle. Bottom line, if you can’t buy me a pint after practice you’re not getting in the academy.

I’m not above bribes either.  If someone with middle of the road tennis ability comes along they’ve still got a chance of getting in.  If my abilities only get them to top 30 in the world, then everyone’s a winner.

As for the other applicants, I will accept nothing less than top 10 in the world.  If I think you could be world number 1 I’ll train for free, anything less is gonna cost ya.

If I build it, I believe they will come.

I’m going to call it…

Brilliant Alex’s Winners School

Or B.A.W.S for short.

Class one intake will be in March 23 2012.

My Tennis academy may look a little like this


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