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Interview with Sheryl Lee (aka Laura Palmer) – Part 1

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I know who killed me... In Twin Peaks I mean

I caught up with the Twin Peaks star at the Hungry Lumberjack Fine La Tasca Experience in Oslo, Norway.  “Big Lumbo Jacks” as it’s known locally, boasts the 6th largest mini golf course in Europe, and for my money it’s the best restaurant slash mini golf course in the world.

Sheryl said she was going to be running around 20 minutes late, so I got myself a couple of bottles of becks and set about practicing my swing.  You can look a little bit mental practicing putts with no balls at the entrance to a restaurant, but my mantra has always been that if you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail.

Sheryl eventually rolled in a full 40 minutes late. She spun me a story about traffic problems, but I think she’d been hitting it too hard the previous night.  Sheryl went to the club house to pick a putter.  A rookie move in my opinion.  All ‘True’ golfers out there know that you need to bring your own clubs to these occasions.  If you’re hitting that putter for the first time, you might as well be putting with a baseball bat.

So Sheryl, thanks for joining me today

It’s always a pleasure Alex.

Quite.  Quite.  Well, shall we tee off?


Sheryl hit her first shot to perfection.  Getting round in a birdie two.

As I was teeing up, a young couple behind me wandered up.  They were ignoring club etiquette, and standing about 2 yards from me.  I tried to ignore their blatant rudeness and focussed on my putt, but just as I pulled the club back, I saw the flash of a camera.  The young couple had spotted Sheryl Lee and taken a photo of her.

Well, I don’t know about all of you, but I wasn’t prepared to play golf under such dire conditions.  I threw my club back in my bag and turned to stare at the two idiots:

One of the idiots: What’s wrong

Me: You are

One of the idiots: What do you mean, we …

Me: Don’t give me any of your pish.  Are you two members of this course?  Mmm?  Or have you just wandered up and thought, ooo, Golf, we like golf, let’s play some golf?

One of the idiots: Well, we’re on a day out, we just thought?

Me: No. That’s your problem. You didn’t think.  And now you’ve ruined the day for everyone. Well done.

At this point I terminated our game of golf.  Mini golf with a Twin Peaks legend can be fun.  But not with idiots around.

Now, on to dinner.


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