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Sheryl Lee Interview – Part 2

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I wasn’t feeling in the interview mood after the Golf, so I organised a room for Sheryl at a local hotel.

I’ve told her I’ll do it today.

She said that would be fine.

So, I’ve organised a table for two at the exclusive restaurant “La Blaireau Con”, which means The Stupid Badger in French.  It is also one of a growing number of restaurants in Europe to have it’s own attached theme park.  Infact The Stupid Badger actually boasts the 4th largest roller-coaster in the Northern Hemisphere, and for my money it also does a decent Swordfish.

So Laura, you really were fantastic in Twin Peaks.

My name’s not Laura, that was my characters name.

Oh, I’m sorry

It’s ok, lots of people make that mistake.

Right, it was Maddie wasn’t it.

No, again, that was the other character in Twin Peaks.

You played two characters in the one show?

Yes, I thought you were a fan.

I am, it’s just that Laura died in episode 1.

Right… What’s your point

I don’t know.

Ok then

Right.  So, Laura, I mean Maddie, I mean, what is your name?

Sheryl Lee.

Mmm.  I prefer Laura.

Well that’s not my name.

Right, well, Sheryl, how do you react to criticism that you haven’t had a decent acting role since Aaahh! Real Monsters, in 1994.

I think I’ve done a lot strong work, I find that very insulting.

Whatever.  Anyway, You’d have to agree that Nice Guy Eddie by Sleeper is the best brit pop song of the 1990’s?

What’s brit pop?

At this point I terminated the interview.  Sheryl was good in Twin Peaks, but anyone how doesn’t know what Brit Pop is, deserves only my disdain.  I wish I had interviewed Audrey Horne instead.

Mini Golf – 40 Euros

Dinner – 80 Euros

Room at the hotel – 260 Euros

10 Beers at the Fable Mouse Fat Cat inn – 80 Euros

4 shots on the roller-coaster – 30 Euros

Interview with Sheryl Lee – Far from priceless

Thanks Sheryl, thanks for nothing.

Roller-coaster, of love


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