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And so my tennis coaching begins…

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Now follows a picture of Jennifer Garner from the TV show Alias, the picture is from an episode called, “So it begins”, a tenuous link to my article, which has really nothing to do with Alias.  Jennifer garner is a babe though.  Yes.

Now on to business.

I was contacted by a 24 year old player from Scotstoun in Glasgow, called Jene Renault.  He’s originally from Paris, but like a lot of people from around the world, he’s realised that Scotstoun is becoming a haven for the arts, culture and general good living, second only in Scotland to Falkirk.  I’ll go further than that, I’ll stick my neck out and state that Scotstoun is the 2nd best place on earth.

So Jene and I were out on the court hitting a few balls.  I was knocking the ball from side to side, testing his limits.  The public courts in Victoria Park Glasgow really do offer excellent tennis conditions.  Sure Jene got a few cuts and bruises when he fell on the concrete court, but he learned an important lesson.

After an hour, Jene and I bought a cone from the ice cream van and took a stroll round the pond.  I was a bit disappointed that I’d forgetten to bring bread for the ducks.

Jene asked me what tennis ranking I thought he could achieve.  I turned to face him, looked him in the eye and said.

76 in the world.

Jene was over the moon.

So we headed back to the court. He serves underarm, which is definitely going to be an issue going into some of the tier 2 ATP tournaments, but his forehand is real weapon.

In the end we spent 3 hours out on court.  I suggested we go for a quick beer in the “three craws” public house in Jordanhill.  Jene let me know that as part of a bet with his best friend Mitchell Mindhimer, he was not going to drink any alcohol for 1 year.

At this point I terminated our coaching agreement.  Jene has talent, and with some work he could achieve a ranking within the worlds top 150.  However I made my add clear.  If you can’t buy me a pint after practice, then I’m not coaching you.

Good luck Jene, you’re gonna need it.


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