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Interview with the sexiest Canadian in the world – Evangeline Lilly

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I caught up with Lost actress Evangeline Lilly at the “a disquiet follows my soul” steak and chips eatery in Canada.  It boasts a fantastic vista and is in a prime location overlooking “The Falls”.

Most people when they visit Canada tend to do the really touristy type things like:

Visiting Peggy’s Cove, going to Granville Island or buying an ice cream and cookies in West Edmonton Mall.

However as faithful readers of the blog will know, I’m something of a culture vulture, so when the opportunity came up to go to  the often overlooked Niagra Falls I jumped at the chance.

It was a 9 hour flight from Prestwick airport in Glasgow, and I was feeling a little worse for wear after having 8 complimentary glasses of champagne on the plane.  I’ve found the only way to combat the potent effects of the Bolly is to have a few pints.  So, I got a pitcher of bud and sat at the table waiting for my Lilly.

Lilly is really pretty.

Lilly arrived wearing a figure hugging dress that left little to the imagination.

Hi Lilly.  You’re looking great tonight.

Thanks Alex.  How’ve you been.

I’ve been great.  Gosh I haven’t seen you since that day in Falkirk.

That was a great night

It really was…

Anyway, moving on Lilly.  Lost was a great show, and for my money you were the best thing in it.

Alex, thank you.  You’re support has always meant the world to me.

I was a bit gutted with the way lost ended.  It just didn’t answer any of the questions did it.

Not really no.  I think you’re right.  I’m definitely going to consult with you before I take any future rolls.

A wise move my Lilly.

Alex, do you think we could ever…

We can’t Lilly.  We had our moment, we’ll always have Falkirk.

You’re right of course.  Sometimes I just wish…

We finished our dinner in silence.  Not saying even one more word until the end of the meal.

I ordered Lilly a cab and she left for her hotel.

We’ll always have Falkirk Lilly.


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