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What was the best tv show on BBC 1 in the 90’s?

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Easy, it was…

Crime Traveller!

For Detective Jeff Slade and Police Scientist Holly Turner there is a new tool in the fight against crime. A time machine that will let you go back to before the crime took place and make it easier to solve….

What a show.  It was on BBC 1 in the 90’s and it was a copper bottomed hit.

It featured a world famous cast:

Michael French – Holby City, Casualty

Chloe Annett – Crime Traveller, Red Dwarf

Two immense actors at the very peak of their professions.

I’m kind of bored now, so I’m not going to write anymore about this show, except to say that I loved it, and it was the best show about Scientists, Crime, Time Traveller and a smoking hot lead actress that I’ve seen in well, a really long time.

Next show I’ll review will be Australian Kids Television classic from the early 90’s (I think about 1991 maybe):

The Girl From Tomorrow & Tomorrow’s End

Series 1 and 2 both about time travel, a bit of crime, and set in Oz.

Fantastic. Wait for the review, you’re gonna love it. Just love it.


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