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Interview with Paulette Isabel Staker

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Paulette Isabel Staker, or P.I Staker as she’s known to her friends, is a Falkirk Socialite and some time tennis enthusiast.

Her opinions on tennis can often be probing and exciting, but when she’s had a few beers they can sometimes just be nonsense.  Let’s see what P.I Staker turns up today.

I arranged to meet P.I Staker at the Bloated Goose Cheese and Scone wine bar in the west end of Falkirk.

P.I Staker called me to say that she it was taking longer to get into her outfit than she had anticipated, and would be running about 2 hours late.

I ordered a couple of  pink lady cocktails and sat down at my table with a good book (I am forever by the esteemed author Alex Baillie).  A great read.

about 2 hours and 2o minutes later the waiters were starting to give me funny looks, as I’d eaten 5 baskets of bread sticks and was on beer number 4 (I stopped drinking pink lady’s after pink lady number 3).

However my blushes were spared when Paulette finally slinked in.  She’s a bit of an attention seeker and had clearly dressed for the paps, who were snapping away at the entrance outside.

Hey Paulette

Hey Alex

Nice Dress


Is that some kind of rubber or something?

Yeah, that was the reason I was late, it takes about 2 hours to get into, and I had to get 3 of my assistants to help.

Right, isn’t that a bit showy for dinner in a wine bar


A bit trashy too, if you don’t mind me saying

I think it’s classy, besides this will ensure I’m on the front page tomorrow

Right, silly me, there was me thinking it was talent and hard work that got you noticed

No, it’s shock factor and being controversial.

Yeah, silly me.  Right Paulette I’m feeling a wee bit worse for…

Are you drunk?

A wee bit. Yes.  So, enjoy the breadsticks and try the lobster a la brie, I hear it’s fantastic.


Bye bye

I don’t really remember getting home.  But it’s ok.

Tennis is a funny business, and it’s not the first night out in Falkirk that’s gotten away from me.


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  1. You didn’t tell us what YOU were wearing!


    15/05/2011 at 7:13 pm

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