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The Future of Women’s Tennis. Let me introduce…

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Andrea Petkovic.

She’s beautiful. She’s German. She’s the Steffi Graf for this Century.

She can speak four languages.

Her results have been slowly improving.  I don’t necessarily think this will be her year.

But 2012 will be (if the world doesn’t end next year of course).

Her best result so far has been QF at the Aussie open in 2011.

I will predict that she will reach the QF at Wimbledon this year and and SF at the US Open this year.

Next year however, this will be the beginning of the greatest reign in tennis since Steffi Graf.  It will begin with her winning the Aussie Open in 2012, then winning the French Open in 2012, then Wimbleon in 2012, then the Olympics in 2012 and Finally the US open in 2012, completing the famous Golden Slam.

She’ll do it.  Not for herself, not for Germany, not for tennis, not even for me.  No.  She’ll do it, for Falkirk, the town that has become Scotland’s answer to Aspin.

Falkirk (where all your dreams come true).


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