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May Competition results in…

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Last week on my popular weekly television show “Retro gamers are a thing of the past” I ran a competition to win a trip to Falkirk’s Jamieson and Jamieson Cheese house.

The question:

“Which Glasgow socialite became the first man to win 3 years in a row a blantyre movers and shakers golf invitational event”

The answer was of course…

Melvin thundermonkey

Congratulations to Melvin.  He wins a trip to the famouse cheese factory in Falkirk, where he’ll be able to sample the array of wonderful cheeses that they make, he will also be given a complimentary bottle of Falkirk ’89 wine, 2 tickets to see Falkirk play in their first match of next season, a radio, a copy of zelda, siamese dream, a free pint of bitter at the jugglers inn in Falkirk, a bouncy ball, tickets to the bi annual Falkirk tournament, a chance to take part in a think tank about how to make better apple pies, two aaa batteries, a copy of heat magazine and finally a chance to the see the legendary violin group the Falkirk Fiddlers.

A great prize I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Well Done Melvin.

Well Done Falkirk.

I love… Love.

Falkirk (the town all other towns aspire to be)


Written by The Murray Files

21/05/2011 at 7:40 am

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