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British Tennis is back!

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With a bang.

Baltacha through to the next round – Yass

Watson through to the next round – Yass

Get in.

British tennis is back.


Watson was trained in America, and Baltacha is a Scot who is just to f**king stubborn to give in.  Where are the rest of the British players (Murray aside of course)?  I’ll tell you where, there on “no desire street” and “spoiled avenue”.  Far to many of these “Players” have no heart.

Want to know Watson’s regime in America, here it is…roughly:

get up a 6am an play tennis until 10:00, fitness until 11:00 and then lunch between 11:00 and 12:00.  From 12:00 to 4pm it was school studies.  From 4pm to 6pm it was more tennis.6pm to 7:00 dinner.  Then it was 7pm to 9pm tennis and fitness.  Then study and bed.

Repeat every day, 6 days a week, for 6-7 years.  Only then can you consider calling yourself a player.

Players in Britain don’t have the motivation to do this, and that’s why we haven’t won a grand slam since the 70’s (in singles anyway).

Well, rant over.

My tennis academy is still accepting applications.  I will show the world the real tennis way, and it will be good.

oh yes.


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