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What a scoop!! Interview with Anna Torv!

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I'm in fringe you know

So, what is the best continent in the world? Easy, it’s Australia, the home of everything.

Who is the most wonderful person from that continent? Easy, it’s Anna Torv, the beautiful, stunning, amazing, wonderful, wonder, awesome, babe that is the star of hit show “Fringe” (you have so heard of it).

I caught up with the most attractive girl in the southern hemisphere at the “Can you smell carrots? Snowman’s pickles and crackers diner” in Longyearbyen on Svalbard.

I don’t mind telling you that it’s a fucking nightmare getting there, after a 5 hour flight from Glasgow to Svalbard airport, I was forced to take a snow mobile ride, that lasted 6 hours to get to the town.  It was very cold, and even though I was wearing 3 pairs of socks, I honestly felt like my bollocks and my toes were going to freeze off.

When I finally arrived, I headed straight for the hotel I was meeting her in, the “Radison blue polar hotel”. I saw Anna sitting at a table, I nodded a hello, but breezed straight past her to the bar and ordered a double dutch (that’s two straight vodka’s to you) and downed them in one. Feeling warmed up I headed over to speak with my antipodean beauty.

So Anna, why the hell did you choose Svalbard to meet, I’m freezing?

It’s nice to see you too Alex.

I’m sorry honey, it’s just, we could have gone out in Falkrik for half the price

I like it hear. It’s earthy.


No, I mean it, when I take a walk around here I feel at peace…

Anna, I think Fringe is crackin

Right, yeah, thanks…

Peter’s gone?

He’s just an actor Alex, his name’s actually Joshua, and he’s still here, he’ll actually be back for season 4


I got married you know.

I know.

I sometimes wish…

Don’t Anna

At this point I terminated the interview. Anna is amazing…

nevermind, time for a drinking song, ahem:

I drink to make me stable

At least I think it makes me able

To function a little with the best of them

So, it’s psychic bullshit and late night phone in’s

Forgetting work, and lots of long lie in’s

Goodbye to life and hello to forever

Because in Svalbard, I feel better


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