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The day the music died

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Why write a good song when you can write a bad one, that's my motto


There have been many contenders over the years for the worst song of all time.  A few that spring to mind would be “America” by Razorlight, No limit by 2 Unlimited and The lady in red by chirs de whatever.

All worthy contenders for the worst song ever I hear you say.  But none of them quite made the grade.  perhaps there was one bar in the song that was aw rite, one wee moment that didn’t make you want to rip your ears off.

It’s not easy making a song that’s awful from start to finish, but one young lady has achieved where so many others have failed:

Cher Lloyd.

Cher lloyd in my professional opinion (which includes 6 six years as a music blogger for “show me the trumpet, if there isn’t a trumpet I’m not listening, music weekly”) is not worth listening too.  She’s a bad singer, she can’t really rap, she pulls funny faces (that aren’t funny), she acts like she’s from west Baltimore, but probably went to private school.  All bad qualities, but I wouldn’t be writing about her, or care less for that matter, if she hadn’t inflicted the worst song in history on the world, Swagger Jagger.

It’s even a bad name!

So, here are my top 5 worst songs of all time:

(5) No way, no way – by Vanilla

What saves it from being the worst song ever? One of the ladies in the video is 7 out of 10 attractive

(4) The Millenium Prayer – by Cliff Richard

What saves it from being the worst song ever? Cliff richard sang Devil woman.

(3) Itsy Bitsy teeny Weeny Yellow Poka Dot Bikini – By Timmy Mallet

What saves it from being the worst song ever? Timmy Mallet’s glasses are amusing

(2) Ain’t no doubt – By Jimmy Nail

What saves it from being the worst song ever? Jimmy Nail was fairly cool in auf wiedersehen pet

(1) Swagger Jagger – By Cher Lloyd

What saves it from being the worst song ever? Nothing, this is the worst song ever written. By anyone. Fact.

I wish Chey Lloyd success as a person, this song is everything wrong with music. X Factor should be ashamed.


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