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The best tennis shot in the world

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In my illustrious career I’ve borne witness to 2 tennis shots that I would class as exceptional.

Here is a run down of those shots in reverse order:

(2) Vera Farmiga – Forehand down the line

I was playing a game with the Source code actress in 2006 at the El Dragon Club in Falkirk.  During a break point in the 5th set I bulleted a forehand cross court.  I thought I had the winner in the bag, and so did my victory celebration of a backflip and then partial moonwalk.  As I was doing this I saw that Vera had chased my shot down and thundered it down the line so hard, that it hit the line, bounced outside the court, into the bar next to the court, smashing no less than 9 pints of beer that had been laid out in a row on a table for Vera and I post match (5 for me 4 for her).  The ball literally just went through all nine glasses. It was amazing.

(1) Alice Eve – Power lob

I was playing the “She’s out of my league” actress on the roof of “Munters Bar” in Falkirk in 2009.  We’d been drinking all day, and decided it would be a riot to have a bounce game on the roof.  Alice had been playing the best point of the match, knocking me all over the court.  She brought me into net, she then hit the power lob over my head.  I knew I was beaten without even having to turn around (a good player just knows). So I jumped over the net and embraced Alice in what had become our customary post match hug.  We went back to the bar, bought some nuts and watched Falkirk go by.

It was on the following day when I was reviewing the CCTV tapes of our match that I noticed the aftermath of that power lob.  The lob had hit the line as I knew it would, but it had then taken an odd bounce.  It had skimmed off the line at an acute angle and actually gained significant pace, the ball flew into the air, was caught in a fierce gust of wind.  The ball travelled over 300 yards and hit a fisherman in the face on his boat. Knocking him down.  I studied the footage further and the man got up, looking a little confused about a minute later.  Still it’s not the first time a fisherman’s been hit by a tennis ball, so no harm done I guess.

I’ve nicknamed the two shots:

The Farmiga Firestorm

The Alice Eve Fisherman bounce

Tennis, the game of kings.


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