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Interview with Tulisa Contostavlos

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I don't understand why you're number 1

Tulisa’s stock is on the rise.  A couple of years ago the feisty N-Dubz’s singer couldn’t get a seat at the Two Ducks Fly By in Cumbernauld.  Now restauranteurs all over Falkirk are happy to make tables available for her, with only a couple of hours notice.

I caught up with the new X Factor judge at the Double D Diner in Falkirk.

Their swordfish is simply marvellous.

Tulisa called from the hotel to say that she was running a little late, so I got myself a pitcher of Leffe blonde (basically it was just a picture jug that the barman emptied 9 bottles of leffe into) and headed to the Donkey Kong machine to have a game or two while I waited.  2 hours later, Tulissa rolled in.

Hi Tulisa

Hi Alex

Well, thanks for coming. Tulisa, that’s an interesting name, what does it mean?

It means I’m diligent and hard working.



So, how’s the X Factor?  Are Cheryl’s shoes  big ones to fill?

Not really, I’m more of a boots person anyway

Speaking of boots I bought an adventure holiday there recently, in a helicopter

Helicopters are cool, I own 4 of them on my ranch

Subways with ranch dressing are awesome

That was my nickname in finishing school?

What was?



No, I said awesome.

Tulisa, I’m confused, I think I might have had a bad pint.

Were you drinking pints.

What are you, a detective?

I’m just concerned

At this point I terminated the interview.  Tulisa’s alright actually, kind of funny.  But I need to head home.  I just bought a box set of murder she wrote.  I’m going to get crackin with season 1 tonight.


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