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Feeling down on the upside…

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I was chatting today with music know-it-all and general big cheese, Vesper Conrad.   Vesper is originally from Alaska, and has over 7 stories he can tell you about snow.

It was 3pm Uk time, which meant it was about 9am Alaska time.  Vesper was panicking, he was involved in a pub quiz (he’s a big drinker) and was struggling with a question:

“Which pioneering Uk indie band released the single “Stutter” in 1995?”

Vesper was stumped.  There was a case of tenants super up for grabs, so the stakes were high.  That’s why he called me, the guy you go to when the stakes are this high. I’m the go to guy, the guy in the know.  The guy that Music Mogul Magazine once called “Man of the year…In Kelvindale”.

I knew the answer, of course I did.  I even knew that the lead singer of the band, Justine Frischmann, used to date Damon Albarn from Blur.

It was Elastica.

I immediately heard the relief in Vesper’s voice.  His call had come at a price, he was now in my debt, and he knew it.  His close relationship with Britney spears might come in handy, she’s been ducking me for an interview for years.  Time to pay the piper.

As I said to Vesper as I slammed down the phone on my marble desk:

“On the street, a favour can kill you quicker than a bullet”



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06/10/2011 at 8:59 pm